Tutor of the Month
Susan Ochart

Success Tutoring is very lucky to have Susan on board as a tutor. As a teacher, her students loved being in her classroom because she not only made learning fun, but she really helped them to understand what they were learning - not just memorize it.
After retiring from teaching, Susan wanted to continue her life-long passion to help and educate children so she decided to work with students on a one-to-one basis.  As a tutor, Susan maintains the same philosophy and dedication she had as a teacher.  While making tutoring fun, she really makes sure that her students learn.  Susan works to make sure her students understand their material and can not only demonstrate increased skill in whatever subject they are studying but that they also exhibit increased confidence in their handling of the subject.
Below is a quote from Susan which outlines her philosophy:
“I am passionate about students really understanding what they are studying and why they are studying it; it is vital that they know how it applies to them and are able to show that they can use the data in life. Education can make all the difference in someone’s ability to handle and enjoy life.  It is an important purpose for me - to be able to help give students the best possible chance to succeed.”

Congratulations Susan, on being Tutor of the Month for Success Tutoring!
Vicky and Armando Salcido

Owners of Success Tutoring