Math Basics Boot Camp A Success!

Success Tutoring Math Basics Boot Camp A Success!  

Here are just a few testimonials from students after just one week of the Winter Break Boot Camp:

"With this tutoring, I feel way more comfortable with this type of math that I was severely struggling in.  So this week has improved my understanding in math." (6th grader)

"Out of this boot camp, I have learned how to subtract properly, to turn decimals into fractions and percents.  I have also learned how to add, subtract and multiply mixed numbers and improper fractions.  And also learned how to subtract and add problems with decimals.  I had fun learning with my tutor, she is awesome!" (9th grader)

"My tutor has explained math well enough that I understand it; I sometimes have a hard time understanding my teachers at school." (9th grader)

This boot camp is available for students that are finding math challenging or that are not doing well in their regular and Common Core math classes or that have lower grades in these classes.  It is designed to cover math basics needed to do well in math. 

Students should be currently enrolled in PreAlgebra or Algebra classes or Burbank Unified Schools' Course 1 (6th grade), Course 2 (7th grade), or Course 3 (8th grade).

This is a special discounted boot camp consisting of small groups of 2 students and one tutor. All of our tutors are current or retired teachers.  Limited space, limited enrollment.  If space allows, this boot camp will continue into 2017.  Call for details: (818) 557-7379

Individual tutoring is also available to address current topics in all elementary, middle school and high school regular and Common Core math classes including Algebra I, II, Geometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, Statistics, as well as AP math classes.