Summer Fun and Academic Progress

Summer is a time of year that children usually look forward to. Sometimes it might even be hard for them to concentrate on school work right now toward the end of the school year when the warmth of the sun beckons and the thoughts of the beach, baseball, swimming, camping, and barbecues lure them away from the teacher’s voice. Students usually wait for the end of school and the beginning of summer vacation just like they wait for and anticipate the arrival of Christmas.

Parents, however, don’t usually wait with baited breath for their kids’ summer vacation to begin. In fact, many parents face the approaching date with dread and trepidation. Instead of swimming parties and laughter, some parents instead may think of bored children that ask “What is there to do?” every two to five minutes or possibly glassy eyed stares from too much television or too many hours on computer games. The parents know they have to suddenly become very creative at becoming a social activities director, an arts and crafts aficionado and an educational consultant so as not to have their children lose all they have learned during the school year. That seems daunting indeed! So, is there an easy solution to all of this? The answer is a resounding “Yes!”


At the bottom of this blog post is a list of resources parents can check routinely for child oriented or family friendly activities. By checking this list regularly a mom or dad can plan out activities for their children, ensure they are involved in activities that keep them physically active, engaged and even keep them learning throughout the entire summer. (See list at the bottom of this blog post.)

Educational Options – Second through sixth grade students

For students in the second through sixth grades, Success Tutoring offers summer review workshops. Students that just completed say, the fourth grade, would review the material for math and English that they learned in the regular school year. By reviewing the material from the previous year, the students do not forget it all. Plus, with this review, students will often achieve a better understanding of some of the material they covered throughout the year. Anything that was a little fuzzy, or that they may have questions about can get straightened out. Parents that have had their children go through this review workshop have said their son or daughter did very well in school the following year.  (For more information contact Success Tutoring at 818-557-7379.)

Educational Options – Middle and High School students

If a student is weak in a particular subject (example: math), summer is the ideal time to review that subject with one of our tutors so that they can gain a better understanding and familiarity with its related material. (All of the tutors at Success Tutoring are current or retired teachers.)

If a student will be taking a new subject (example Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calc, etc.), it would be helpful for the student to come in for tutoring a couple of weeks before the start of school to get oriented to the new upcoming subject and thus be better prepared. That will give the student a chance to do well throughout the school year.

In addition to our discounted one-to-one tutoring, this summer we will also be offering an Algebra Readiness Workshop.  This workshop reviews all of the basic math concepts a student would need to know so that he or she could succeed in understanding Algebra.
(For more information contact Success Tutoring at 818-557-7379.)

Test Prep Options – SAT and ACT

Success Tutoring also provides two options for preparing students for the SAT or the ACT. The first option is to do it as part of a small group at a regularly scheduled time each week. The advantage of this option is the cost efficiency. Students can either address math or English, or they can do both.

The second option for SAT / ACT preparation is to get one-to-one tutoring for the subjects of math and English, as they relate to the SAT and ACT tests.  (For more information contact Success Tutoring at 818-557-7379.)

Special Announcement! The owners of Success Tutoring have partnered with one of their reading specialists to create a new company specifically to help children learn to read or to repair reading difficulties.  This new company is called Success Reading. 

In addition to local fun activities, there are also educational opportunities. What if your little one of pre-school, kindergarten or first grade level returned to school at the end of summer with an increased level of reading skills? What if they not only could read better but actually enjoyed reading and understood what they were reading more easily? Wouldn’t it be great if at the start of the next school year they were at the top of their class? To help parents accomplish this Success Tutoring has started a new company that emphasizes helping children learn to read.  It is called Success Reading and there are two options:

  1. Families that live close to Burbank, CA, can have their child work with a reading specialist to teach their child to read, or increase their reading level by using a phonics program that has proven to be very successful.
  2. The other option is for the parents to purchase a set of the phonics cards that our reading specialists use and follow the directions included with each set of cards. This is the link to our two sets of phonics cards.

For more information use this link to contact Success Reading:

So, there are many options for educational advancement. And, as tutoring is only done one hour at a time, students will still have plenty of time to enjoy the many activities they were looking forward to during the summer.

Family Friendly Activities Resources for Families in or near Burbank or Los Angeles:

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