Success with Reading

At Success! Tutoring, we tutor students of all ages. When working with beginner readers, our tutors use a program that we developed. In fact, we started a new company to help parents and educators help younger children learn to read.
One mother brought her son to us because he did not know how to read at all. By age, he should have been in the third grade. He was bright, but he just had never learned to read and the mother was wary of the public school system. With our program, working with him a short time each week, we brought him up from not being able to read at all, to now reading at the third grade level. This was accomplished in less than one year. He’s so excited to bring in his next level reading each time he comes in. His mother and grandmother are both extremely happy and so is the boy.
(For more information about tutoring contact us at (818) 557-7379. If you’d like tools for helping your own child to read, check out our Success Reading website:

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