Summer at Success Tutoring

Summer at Success Tutoring
Early Registration Starts This Week
This is what’s happening at Success Tutoring this summer!
Second through Sixth Grade Math and Language Arts Review Workshops!
SAT Prep Workshops!
1 to 1 tutoring with our great tutors!
Help your child retain what he or she learned during the previous school year!
Starting June 3rd, Success Tutoring is holding review workshops for children to review the math and language arts they learned during the school year!  They’ll be able to stay sharp, retain what they learned, increase their self-confidence and have that winning edge when they start the new school year in the fall.
Morning and evening workshops schedules are available as well as schedules to accommodate summer vacations. Students can attend these workshops for part of the summer or, to maximize the benefit, they can attend the entire summer at a very low cost!
Contact our office right away for our Early Registrations Rates!
(818) 557-7379
And don’t forget to ask about our summer SAT Prep workshops and 1 to 1 tutoring!
Please feel free to forward this announcement to family, friends, neighbors and co-workers or anyone else you think may benefit from these services.
"I can't thank Success Tutoring enough!  As you know, my daughter was enrolled in the Summer Tutoring Program last year.  She was struggling in math and language arts, and after spending a summer at your tutoring center, she has been doing so well in 5th grade ever since.  She has been getting 80s to 100% on her math tests.  Her comprehension in language arts has improved tremendously.  I just told her today that she'll be going back for the summer and she is very excited. So, again, thank you for all you do!" (parent)
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