Workshop Completions!

Well, we just completed both an Introduction to Geometry workshop and an Introduction to Algebra workshop yesterday. Each student received a certificate for completion of the workshop and when asked if they’d like to write about their experience and how the workshop helped them, they all said, “yes.” (See our Success Stories page to read what they said.) They all seemed quite happy and ready to go tackle their next math class with gusto and confidence!

While we’ve posted several pictures of the art classes, we haven’t posted any pictures of the sewing class. Below are a couple of pictures of two students in the sewing class and the project they completed today. It’s a notebook and pencil carrying case – a perfect “Back to School” project. They were quite proud of their accomplishment and posed with their creations along with huge smiles!

Only a little over a week before school starts in our local school district. There is so much left to do! There are school supplies needed, books, schedules to be worked out, new teachers to meet, new classes, subjects and new friends! Success! Tutoring wants to make sure that your child has a very successful school year. We’re here to help if the going gets rough, if a concept was not understood or if a student is doing well but wishes to progress ahead of his or her class.

We look forward to serving you this 2010-2011 school year!


Armando and Vicky Salcido

P.S.: We would love feedback on this blog and would welcome any suggestions you may have.