First Day of School!

It’s here – The First Day of School!

Well, today is the first day of school for the Burbank Unified School District. Some kids have looked forward to this first day back with eager anticipation, others with dread and I’m sure, quite a few with varying degrees of anxiety. Whatever their viewpoint has been, that day is now here.

Our new service, Homework Help – what is it and how does it compare?

Not all parents have the time (or the patience) to help their children with their homework. Other parents may feel that they don’t have the knowledge, training or skills necessary to be able to help their children. So, what is the solution? Homework Help from Success! Tutoring. Why? Because students in the second through the sixth grades can come to our tutoring center to do their homework immediately after school Monday through Thursday at any time between the hours of 3:30 to 5:00 p.m. in an environment that is designed for study and education, supervised by a current or retired teacher that is available for questions and help. What could be better?

If a student generally does ok in school, he or she may only need the services we provide with Homework Help. Especially early on in the school year, it is important for students to stay on top of their homework and any new concepts that are introduced at school. Having one of our tutors on hand for questions while doing homework can help students to stay current and do well the entire school year. Sometimes, if a key concept is not grasped early on in the school year, the child can have difficulty in that particular subject the rest of the year – especially if the concept is a fundamental that will be used throughout the school year.

There are a few places that promote homework help, but it is usually added on as an afterthought to a list of other services including play time, arts and crafts, games, etc. They are usually not staffed with qualified educators and homework help can be scaled down to simply providing a table and chair, then asking the student if they finished their homework before being allowed to go out to play with their friends. Of course, in such a situation, the race is always on to finish their homework as quickly as possible or to take short cuts like only doing the homework in one subject and not telling anyone about the other two or three additional subjects in which they have homework. The objective, from the child’s view, is to “complete” the homework as quickly as possible to go play with their friends.

At Success! Tutoring, our approach is different. We don’t have a play ground, monkey bars, swings or anything like that. There aren’t other kids running around, screaming and yelling excitedly while playing tag, four square, kickball or basketball. That type of environment is not really conducive to concentrating on homework. Instead, at the Success! Tutoring Homework Help program, students do their homework in an environment set up for homework and for learning. The students let the tutor know what their homework assignments are upon arrival and let the tutor know what they intend to get done during the time they are there that day. The students have a set time and place to do their homework along with a few other students that are also doing their homework. We purposely have kept the groups small for the Homework Help so that all students can have access to the tutor if they have questions or need help. Additionally, we have dictionaries and other references available if they are needed. In other words, the purpose, intent and structure of our Homework Help is specifically set up to help students with their homework. It is not an after-thought tagged onto other after school activities.

Now, our Homework Help is not tutoring. It is primarily for students that need help occasionally with their homework and may need help or have questions here or there. Our one-to-one tutoring is for students that are having a difficult time in class, are not “getting it” or are falling behind. Additionally, one-to-one tutoring is also for those students that are doing well but would like to work one-to-one with a tutor so that they can advance or accelerate ahead of their class. Advanced students do this sometimes to stay ahead of their class or to prepare for an upcoming specific class or subject.

Whichever service you are interested in for your child, call to schedule a free consultation early in the school year. Call Vicky at (818) 557-7379 today and take advantage of our “Back to School” specials.

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  1. We have such great students! I really enjoy helping our students succeed. "Matching students with quality tutors that consistently achieve successful results."


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