Success! Tutoring is now offering Art Classes delivered by well-known artist, Randall Williams of Randall's Art. ( Randall has years of experience teaching art to young and old, new and experienced artists. Above are a few samples of his work. The students we've had in his art classes love working with him. Below are a few of our students and their works of art.


In addition to our regular one-to-one tutoring, we are now offering very affordable after school homework help in the fall for those students in grades 2-6 that just need a bit of help to complete their homework. We have a class room set-up with a small group of only 5 - 10 students per tutor. The tutor ensures students work on their homework and is available for questions or assistance.


This week we start our Algebra and our Geometry workshops. These are workshops designed to prepare students for their next math class in the fall. Those students going into Algebra 1 will be well prepared by attending the Algebra workshop and those students going into Geometry will get the orientation and basics needed to succeed in the fall.

We, at Success! Tutoring, are always looking for ways to help students and their families by helping students progress academically and delivering services that are needed and wanted by local families. If there are any services that you would like to see delivered at Success! Tutoring, please let us know.

For more information about any of the services above, please contact Vicky at (818) 557-7379.