Summer Workshops

Well, our summer workshops and summer tutoring have now begun! We are helping students with algebra, geometry, general math and language arts. Some students are reviewing material they didn't "get" as well as they would have liked during the regular school year; others are preparing for either an upcoming class or for a standardized test such as the S.A.T.

Whether you would like your child to review a class or subject or would like them to get ahead, summer is the perfect time for it. Students that get tutoring during the summer are able to focus on one particular subject and gain a much better understanding of it. They are not bombarded with homework, assignments or preparation for tests in other classes or subjects.

Plus, we at Success! Tutoring, have specially reduced tutoring rates for 1-to-1 tutoring and for subject-specific workshops. These special rates make them very attractive for families that would like their child or children advance academically during the summer.

Call today for more information. (818) 557-7379 and ask for Vicky.