Hello and welcome to the first entry in our new Success! Tutoring blog. The purpose of this blog is mainly to promote all of the news, activities and happenings at Success! Tutoring. It is my hope that this blog will become a useful tool and resource for students and parents of Success! Tutoring (both current and past), as well as for future or potential students and their parents along with members of the general community.

Vicky and I often have announcements about events at our tutoring center such as special appreciation days (or weeks) for students, parents or tutors. From time to time we also promote limited time special rates for packages of tutoring hours. Additionally, we very much like to promote the wins and successes of our students that are due to our tutoring services as well as those due to any other activities. Examples of these would be the announcement of a choir group from the local high school recently being invited to appear and perform on the Oprah Winfrey show. Several of the students in the group are either current or past students of Success! Tutoring. It was quite thrilling to watch that performance on Youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrVJ0YcxQOA)

Other examples of students’ wins or accomplishments: One of our current students recently informed us of his acceptance to several universities of his choice. He decided to go with one of the universities that offered a full scholarship and he’s already decided on his path of a career in medicine. Another of our students recently came in first place in his Tae Kwan Do team and will be going to a national competition in Texas this summer. Although we cannot claim credit for that particular accomplishment, he comes in for tutoring weekly, loves working with his tutor, and has raised his grade in math so that he is now regularly getting A’s. He also loves sharing all of his accomplishments with us.

At our tutoring center we have binders and binders full of wins, accomplishments and success stories from students that are specifically due to our tutoring services. That will be my next blog as I think those deserver their own separate blog entry.

As this is the very first Success! Tutoring blog, it is hard to imagine how it will eventually develop. It most likely will be shaped by the input and feedback from our students and their parents as well as from friends and family. Again, I would like this blog to be a useful resource to be referred to many times and people would like to promote to others.

Thank you very much for reading this first entry to the Success! Tutoring blog and I hope you will return frequently and share it with others.

With care,
Armando Salcido


  1. Love it! Great first blog.

  2. This is excellent! I'm looking forward to reading your future blogs.



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