Monday, March 13, 2017

Tutor of the Month
Susan Ochart

Success Tutoring is very lucky to have Susan on board as a tutor. As a teacher, her students loved being in her classroom because she not only made learning fun, but she really helped them to understand what they were learning - not just memorize it.
After retiring from teaching, Susan wanted to continue her life-long passion to help and educate children so she decided to work with students on a one-to-one basis.  As a tutor, Susan maintains the same philosophy and dedication she had as a teacher.  While making tutoring fun, she really makes sure that her students learn.  Susan works to make sure her students understand their material and can not only demonstrate increased skill in whatever subject they are studying but that they also exhibit increased confidence in their handling of the subject.
Below is a quote from Susan which outlines her philosophy:
“I am passionate about students really understanding what they are studying and why they are studying it; it is vital that they know how it applies to them and are able to show that they can use the data in life. Education can make all the difference in someone’s ability to handle and enjoy life.  It is an important purpose for me - to be able to help give students the best possible chance to succeed.”

Congratulations Susan, on being Tutor of the Month for Success Tutoring!
Vicky and Armando Salcido

Owners of Success Tutoring

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Math Basics Boot Camp A Success!

Success Tutoring Math Basics Boot Camp A Success!  

Here are just a few testimonials from students after just one week of the Winter Break Boot Camp:

"With this tutoring, I feel way more comfortable with this type of math that I was severely struggling in.  So this week has improved my understanding in math." (6th grader)

"Out of this boot camp, I have learned how to subtract properly, to turn decimals into fractions and percents.  I have also learned how to add, subtract and multiply mixed numbers and improper fractions.  And also learned how to subtract and add problems with decimals.  I had fun learning with my tutor, she is awesome!" (9th grader)

"My tutor has explained math well enough that I understand it; I sometimes have a hard time understanding my teachers at school." (9th grader)

This boot camp is available for students that are finding math challenging or that are not doing well in their regular and Common Core math classes or that have lower grades in these classes.  It is designed to cover math basics needed to do well in math. 

Students should be currently enrolled in PreAlgebra or Algebra classes or Burbank Unified Schools' Course 1 (6th grade), Course 2 (7th grade), or Course 3 (8th grade).

This is a special discounted boot camp consisting of small groups of 2 students and one tutor. All of our tutors are current or retired teachers.  Limited space, limited enrollment.  If space allows, this boot camp will continue into 2017.  Call for details: (818) 557-7379

Individual tutoring is also available to address current topics in all elementary, middle school and high school regular and Common Core math classes including Algebra I, II, Geometry, PreCalculus, Calculus, Statistics, as well as AP math classes.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Parent and Tutor Appreciation Week
Monday, Dec 5 - Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

Join us between the hours of 1pm and 7pm for holiday snacks, hot chocolate and coffee. If you purchase tutoring hours between Nov. 26 - Dec. 8, you can also spin the prize wheel and possibly win a FREE tutoring hour, FREE half hour or another gift.
Appreciation Week is our way of thanking you for trusting us with your child's education.  At Success Tutoring, we love helping students reach their academic goals.  

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
from Success Tutoring
Vicky and Armando Salcido

Success Tutoring
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Burbank, CA  91506


Monday, August 29, 2016

School has started and students are earning A's by getting a little extra help from their favorite tutors from Success Tutoring!

Don't wait till your A becomes a C or even worse, a D.  Schedule a little help from your tutor today.  It is so much easier to raise your grades now instead of scrambling to repair your grades later.

Call (818) 557-7379

or email us today.

Success Tutoring
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Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 2016
*Tutor and Parent Appreciation Week, Monday, May 16 - Thursday, May 19

In this issue
 Summer at Success Tutoring


This coming week is Tutor Appreciation Week.
(Monday, May 16 - Thursday, May 19)

This is your chance to thank your tutor for all the help they have given you this school year.  We suggest you give them a thank you card, write a testimonial or give them a big hug.


This coming week is Parent Appreciation Week.
(Monday, May 16- Thursday, May 19)

To thank you, our parents, we have yummy refreshments and special discounted summer rates.


Your children have been a pleasure to tutor.

Vicky and Armando Salcido, Owners and all of the Tutors at Success Tutoring
Summer at Success Tutoring
June - August 2016

Looking for the right fit for your child this summer?
Where you can enjoy your vacations, attend summer events and still have time to review or learn something new? At Success Tutoring, we are offering several options to fit your needs.
  • one-to-one tutoring by current or retired teachers on most subjects for all ages.  
  • economical small group math and language arts review workshops (pictured above)
  • SAT/ACT and other test prep
  • summer school help
  • improve reading skills
  • get ahead or prep for next term's Common Core or regular math class
  • Monday - Thursday, flexible hours
​Contact the office for details. 818.557.7379

What a few students and parents said last summer.

"Coming into the SAT Prep I was feeling pretty confident in knowing that I scored high on my PSATs but after tackling the SAT Prep, I realized that I could use a little bit of touch up.  After the 5 week classes, I am now more confident going into the SAT and plan to get a higher score." (11th grader, SAT Prep)

"When I first started my tutoring, I thought to myself that it was going to be terrible and I felt that I didn't really need it.  I got my first lessons with my tutor and I realized that there are so many aspects that will be needed to know for my major.  I loved the way I was being taught, it was clear and very thorough.  My tutor has taught me how the math I'm relearning is going to help in engineering.  I am thankful to have him as my tutor and don't regret coming here." (11th grader, Algebra II review.)

"I have been having a great time in tutoring.  I already have felt a difference.  I think it also helps that my tutor is a former teacher.  He really helps me understand the concepts and explains to me when I don't understand.  We have already gone from school review to learning new material.  Thank you." (7th grader - math prep) 

"Our daughter has expanded her vocabulary and shown an increase in her reading level in just a couple weeks in the Success Tutoring summer reading program.  Her confidence has grown so much and she is reading books she found difficult just a short time ago.  We are really impressed with the progress she is making."(parent of 1st grader - reading skills)

Success Tutoring 1825 W. Verdugo Avenue, Burbank, CA  91506

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tutor of the Month

Tutor of the Month
Frank Gravitt

Frank is well liked by his students and their parents -- and for good reason.  During the month of January, Frank worked with students in the subjects of Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Geometry which resulted in higher grades, higher test scores (including several A’s) and significant overall improvement by his students.  Needless to say, his students and their parents are very happy with the help they've been getting from him.
Frank is a retired high school teacher originally from Oregon who not only taught a variety of subjects including higher level math but also was the head of his department.  And if that wasn’t enough, Frank also developed math curriculum for a network of several private schools.  We are lucky to have Frank.
Congratulations Frank, on winning Success Tutoring, Tutor of the Month.

Vicky and Armando Salcido
Owners of Success Tutoring